Estonian Association of the Deaf launched a project to increase social inclusion of the hearing impaired people through information technology

Press Release

Since 1 January 2010 the Estonian Association of the Deaf (EAD) carries out a project „Increasing social inclusion of the hearing impaired people through information technological integration“, with which the website of EAD will be updated in order to include members more effectively and to inform important target groups. Also, learning environment in Estonian Sign Language will be created. The members will be taught how to use the website and the webmaster will receive instructions in administering the site.

Earlier experiences indicate a problem for EAD and its member associations – the members of the association do not orientate well in legislation and services that concern hearing impaired people. Social workers and sign language interpreters help them in finding the necessary information and explain it in Estonian Sign Language. The updated website will include all necessary links and explanations as adapted texts and video clips.

The project will help EAD to include the target group in its activities, to support member organisations and to improve cooperation between them. The possibility to receive information about legal acts and gathering opinions in the forum of the learning environment helps to influence state politics and share information, to encourage and motivate members.

Project activities help EAD and its members participate in the society more actively. The project is financed by the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations with 279 720 kroons. The entire budget is 311 238 kroons. The aims of the fund are to promote social integration, local development, and the development of the civil society. The projects have to improve the capacity and influence of the civil society organisations in Estonia.

The Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through EEA and Norwegian financial mechanism. The use of the grant is coordinated by Open Estonia Foundation.

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