Narva Paju School

Narva 10th Secondary School opened its doors on 1 September 1970. Anelja Varul was the headmistress of the school for 18 years. Larissa Olenina managed the school 1988 – 2003. Since 2003 the headmistress of the school is Ljudmilla Smirnova.

Until today seven teachers who started working in 1970 still teach at Narva Paju School.  Since then, over 6109 students have studied in the school. School has had a museum, which played a patriotic role.

There are many events in Narva Paju School. Each year there are meetings, a Christmas market, a theatre festival, and a day of honour.

In January 1996 the name of the school was changed to Narva Paju School (Narva Paju Kool).
The members of Narva Paju School family are its students and teachers. The students have successfully taken part in olympiads on town, county and state level. Students have received good places in information technology, Russian, history, biology, and geography olympiads.

Besides main subjects children can actively take part in hobby groups. The most popular groups with students are the school choir and football club „Torsida“. One of the newest hobby groups is sport dance.

Each student is unique; the school tries to understand the differences of students and help in their development, increase their public spirit, develop their confidence and responsibility.

Conditions have been established for the benefit of each student:

In 1992 the school opened a class for deaf students.

In 1992 a class for problematic students was opened.

Primary school classes work according to the „Good Beginning“ method („Hea Algus“).

In 2002 upper secondary school classes started work.

In 2003 the boarding house was opened.

Almost each year there are students who finish school with honours.

We are known in Narva for our traditions. The most beloved special days are teachers’ day, Christmas market and concert, contests „student of the year“, „teacher of the year“ and school’s day of honour.

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