Porkuni School

Porkuni School is a state school for children with special needs. The school has a boarding house.

Porkuni School offers good possibilities for studying for students with moderate and severe intellectual disability, for children with multiple disabilities, and primary school students with slight mental disability. The advantages of Porkuni School are taking the individuality of all children into consideration in the learning process, teachers with special training, beautiful landscape and effective study environment. Each school-leaver will receive a document proving that he/she has finished basic school.


Basic school education for everyone! – This is the foundation of our activities.

The main mission of Porkuni School is to offer basic education to all these children who have moderate or severe intellectual disability or who do not have the possibility to study in other schools in Estonia. There are no limitations for the students wishing to enter school, which are connected with behaviour, health or place of residence. However, there are no conditions at the school to teach children with profound mental disability. Physical disabilities do not hinder entering the school.

Children study according to the national coping school curriculum.

The curriculum can be divided into two parts:

Weekly topcs

There are specific weekly topics that help to teach students. The teachers rely on weekly topics when writing work plans. The topics are different in primary school and basic school.

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